Web Design

At Neoking Trading, we offer you high quality, sophisticated and eye-catching websites for your business or organisation.

We specialise in custom website design, website development, e-commerce, web-based applications. We design websites in whatever format best suits your needs, from standard html, flash, database enabled or a combination of the three.

Our website developers will not only provide you with a user-friendly and attractive website design, but we will also ensure that the website reinforces your brand and keep your customers interested.

Combined with our experienced programming skills, Flash animation specialists and web hosting services; we offer an all in one solution for all your website needs. We use sophisticated web design elements, including programming using PHP, MySQL, and other reliable technologies.

Whether you need a site designed from scratch, a complete make-over to an existing site or simply an addition of a few pages or some animation to a site we previously designed for you, we are the right company for you.

We strive to develop websites that is visually striking and function to the highest standards.

We also offer services to maintain the website once it is up and running.

A website can be more streamlined and yet still be very effective for the business owner. This is more about making the site more organised and effective instead of a bunch of misguided pages that have the user confused and frustrated.

In addition to organizing and streamlining a site, web applications are also very useful tools in helping to promote a site.

In addition to web applications that are already in existence, there is often the need to develop new applications that are relevant to a particular site.

This is something that Neoking Trading takes pride in as our designers are dedicated to making sure that every single site design is totally unique to give their customer base that one-of-a-kind feeling when they visit the site.

Whether the web applications that are integrated into the site are for the consumer or the site owner, they are there to make the site better and more effective as an online market place. Because the online market is quickly becoming the premier market for consumers, it is essential that the site be as effective as possible and the web applications that are developed, integrated and used for your site will accomplish this goal.