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The Neoking Properties’ Development service includes an array of building packages for commercial properties, civil works, building and renovations for both private and public sector.  Our Management service offers rental facilities for student accommodation, residential apartments and commercial properties.

Property Development

Neoking Properties is a diversified property development company with over ten years of experience and excellence in the construction industry. It offers an array of services from building packages, commercial property, civil works, building and renovations for both private and public sector allowing flexibility in both design and finishes.

Owing to our rich experience, we assure our clients with best practical experience and higher level of satisfaction.

Building Packages

We offer custom engineering drawings, plans and architectural drawings according to individual’s specifications. A unique relationship is built between qualified professional engineers and architectures with our clients throughout the designing and building process so as to archive the desired home. Our clients have the liberty to choose finishes of their own choice; we grant them an opportunity to be own designers hence a self-gratification experience at the end. We make you home.

Over the years, Neoking has engaged in a number of building and renovation projects of wide spectrum from office refurbishment to industrial structural repair and maintenance.
Our vision and mission is to be exceptional in the construction industry, to build and transform the society and the environment we live in.

Building Packages Gallery

The following images depicts a typical 3 bedroom (1 en-suite), 2 bathrooms, study, staff quarters with a shower and toilet, 1 lounge, open plan kitchen and a double garage. The floor size is 280m2 and the stand size is 754m2.


Property Management

Neoking Rental Property Management is based in Pretoria and BothaVille. We offer rental facilities and management for student accommodation, residential apartments and commercial properties. We provide cost effective, professional high quality services exceeding the expectations of our clients and addressing issues effectively and efficiently.

We have rental rooms and apartments in Pretoria Central and Sunnyside with affordable prices starting from R1600. Our commercial properties in BothaVille and construction plants and equipment have 100% occupancy. We are proud to deliver world class services to our tenants.

We aspire to become the leading and trusted rental service entity in South Africa and beyond our borders. We intend to develop professional agent youths thereby reducing unemployment in our country and eradicating poverty.


We are loyal, focused and committed on delivering value in our service and will always ensure we are relevant to our customers. We have built up a strong client base of both trade and retail customers who appreciate our commitment to service and value