Neoking Group

Strategic | Excellence | Competitive

It is the ambition of Neoking Group and its shareholders to keep abreast with changing times and technology and, in turn to deliver excellent products and services to its customers and offer competitive solutions in the market place.

Corporate Objectives
The strategic objective of Neoking Group is to grow as a leading black owned and managed ICT and Property Development and Management Company.

Our goal is to expand our customer base by offering competitive products and services.

Social Investment
Participating in Social Investment Programmes with the main focus to support women and youth in Business through Appropriate Technology and student mentoring programmes.

Our Vision
Neoking aims to become the preferred information technology solutions provider in South Africa with services also offered in neighbouring countries.

Through strategic alliances with specialists in the IT sector. We provide optimum solutions to our clients, in conjunction with excellent service and quality products.

Our Mission
To provide innovative and applicable information technology solutions and business services to the public and private sector.

Striving for Excellence

We pride ourselves with providing service excellence and strive to deliver on time. We have high caliber partners, well trained in their trade and always finding innovative ways to improve their knowledge and skills thereby providing creative and exceptional solutions to our customers.

Integrity and Transparency

We commit ourselves to be honest, prudent, consistent and fair in all our dealings with our customers. We challenge ourselves to be ethical and never compromise our integrity given any situation.

Customer Focus

Our key attribute is customer satisfaction through service delivery. We strive to maintain lasting relationships with our customers by continuous improvement of products and service standards. We also endeavor to complement our customer needs with tailor made solutions to their needs.